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2010: My Side of Story

2011 is fast approaching. In less than 10 hours, we will be leaving 2010. It is the last 31st of the month, the last Friday of the week and the last day of year.

2010 has been a good year for me. Although I had some bad and sad day along the way, well.. that is life. It wouldn't be much fun and dull if everything is smooth and according to plan all the way isn't it? At times, we need to face challenges and cry a bit hehe..

The sweet among all is I am married to the man I love. Together with my small man, the two of us welcome him to our live. It is such a blessing and wonderful moment which is so amazing and I truly am happy. I am so grateful to have a husband like him. A son who will be seven next year and growing in front of my eyes to be a successful man I hope.

And I thanked God for everything that He gave us. My mother is getting better, and hope both my parents stay in good health. To my siblings, although at times I did say something that hurt you, angry or yelled at you..…

Family Vacation: Langkawi Day 4

Here we are on the last day of our family vacation. Oh.. I forgot to include in previous entry about our dinner last night. We spent RM100 for seafood. Superb! The place name was Rasa. Since it was the last night there, we thought of eating something nice, and to enjoy after our stressful day out.

We overslept until 8.30am. Breakfast was tasteless, dissapointing. Started packing after that. Checked out at 1145am, and the last place we visited - Crocodile Farm.

We drove for about 25km. It was a hot day too. Not many people when we reached there. We saw crocodile which weight 1 tan. That is equal or nearly to Nissan Sentra car!

After half hour tour the farm, we decided to go straight to the airport.

After checked in, we had lunch at 'Anjung Sari'. Chicken rice, 'laksa', tomyam noodle, iced tea, 100+ and diet coke cost us RM38. Expensive! Better ate at Kenny Rogers, Mr. Fruitheart said. Hehe.. already ordered dear. Then walked around the airport, not much shop. Saw lots…

Family Vacation: Langkawi Day 3

Bored of my stories? Not yet? Good! We will continue then.

As we will be going for our island hoping today, we woke up as early as 7am. We don't want to miss the boat later on. After we had breakfast, we waited at the reception at 845am. Minutes went by, nobody picked us up yet. Saw a guy stopped his van by the road side, and thought it was our call.. sadly no. So we waited. It's 10 minutes pass 9am, and we looked at each other. Getting angry with this arrangement.

Mr. Fruitheart had called the agent and was told the van was full and they had to do second trip. OK, we waited until 930am then only we saw our van coming. Guess what? It was the earlier van who stopped by the road side. It was not even full! Not a good start, I tell you. (Fourth frustration)

10 mins drive to the place where our boat already waiting for us. Saw lots of other boats, and lots of other passengers too. Our boat number KLW00736P. There were 14 of us. We sat in front because we were the last one to arrived…

Family Vacation: Langkawi Day 2

Folks, we have entered day two of Fruitheart's Family vacation. Get ready for the reading journey?

We had breakfast at 9am. Food was not OK. But we ate it anyway. Our first stop, Underwater World. As usual saw fishes, penguins, snakes and lots of other animals. We've been to Aquaria, KLCC. So it is not much of a different.

Next stop, Oriental Village. Mr. Fruitheart planned to ride the cable car. Oh no! I am not going to ride it, no way. I'd rather stay foot where I am standing on the ground, thank you. Anyway, there a lots of people. Very crowded. Plus, it is Christmas. So we walked around it and took some pictures. There were lots of shops selling sun glasses, t-shirts, pants and souvenirs. Nothing much exciting there.

Next we went to Seven Wells. But no we did not climb up. I am not the adventures type of person, hate those activities of jungle trekking, mountain climbing and all in the list. Hehe.. we passed by the signboard only. Stopped by Kok Beach, where we ca…

Family Vacation: Langkawi Day 1

I see cobwebs on my blog. I've been away for five days.. errr.. not so long eh? Hehe. Here goes, my entry for my family vacation in Langkawi, Kedah from 24th - 27th Dec 2010.

Woke up at 5.30am Friday morning. Our flight schedule was at 8.30am. My father drove us to the KL International Airport. My small man was really excited. It was his first time ride on the airplane. He had fever too. Poor my small man, he might not have much fun later. I think. We went straight to the self check in kiosk. Managed to print only for my small man's ticket. Both of us had no ticket number on our booking paper.

So, went to the counter and had asked the officer to give us the number. Unfortunately, it was not our ticket number and we were told to go straight to check in counter. It appears to be the ticket number given was for somebody else. *sigh* (First frustration)

There's not so many people queueing, and when it's our turn I have told the lady that the machine says we have checked in. W…

My December Holidays

Today is my last day working for this week. Me and my family will be going on our first family vacation in Langkawi. Me and my small man had never been there, even though I stayed in Kedah for 3 years. Hopefully the weather is sunny.

We will be going for 4 days and 3 nights, fly using MAS Airlines. It was actually our wedding gift. A friend of ours was so kind to pay for the flight ticket. Food, accommodation all of course we have to pay for it. Not all supported la.

My small man is really looking forward to this holiday. Mr. Fruitheart too, despite their cough, headache, cold and mummy back pain.. this and that, all of us hope we are in good health for our holiday and after it ended.

So I might not be updating my blog, twitter or facebook as often as usual. Wishing you all a happy holiday, please drive carefully think about your loved one. Have fun! I know we will.

Holiday Tips

The holiday season is here. I am going for my family vacation. Yay! Even though you are/will be having fun, but you must also take precautions. Don't over do, in everything!

Image credit to Google
In this entry, here are few tips for enjoying your holiday:
Pay attention to your healthWash your hands OFTENTravel safelyWatch the kidsPrevent injuriesEat healthyLast but not least, enjoy!

My Eleven Personal Commandments

This would not be my new year resolution. Something that I set for myself, at the age of 30. Yes, I know I am getting there.

I don't remember all my 2010 resolution, only this saving hard for my wedding. Accomplished that. If I have 2011 resolution, will definitely put it here in my blog.

So here I am doing something else. I came up with this when I was reading an article in Yahoo. About new year resolution. Instead of listing your resolution which sometimes you might not follow, why not make this list?

My Eleven Personal Commandments

Be thankful
With what I have and all that I have been given. Be it something that I was not supposed to have, or I have to have it because it could be something valuable later.

Pray harder
I know at times, I did not fully follow it. Life is short, you know it.

Keep trying
I give up when I am tired of trying and think negatively like 'What's the point trying when you know how the result going to be?' The way I work it out is by doing something e…

Where Malaysians Moms Unite? At MBP

Mom Bloggers Planet or MBP, is one of the social networking platform created especially for Malaysian moms. It doesn't matter if you have a blog or not, you can join. And the most important is, it's FREE!

How do I find it? I was trying to look for a suitable title for my blog. I googled 'mom blogger' and MBP listed no five. It's Malaysian! well you know how many bloggers website out there and most of them are not in our country. I started blog walking, jumped tab by tab.. read few articles about blogging tips and hey, not bad at all, I said to myself. So i registered, and liked the fan page on facebook.

Another best part of it is, if you’re from Singapore, Indonesia, Brunei, Thailand or any tiny corner of the world, you’re most welcome too.

In MBP here are the things you can do:
Learn how to make money by bloggingShare tips and tricks other successful mothers who already making money with Google Adsense, Nuffnang etcPromote and sell your stuff onlineDiscuss issues i.e …

Thank You For Taking Care of Syahmie

Not often I hear my small man said something so nice. The first time (I think), he said that to my younger sister who stayed with us for a week. After she left, Mr. Fruitheart told me he said 'Mak su, thank you for taking care of Syahmie.' I knew he said something before I sent my sister to the ERL, but I had closed the car door and could not hear it.

He makes me really proud. He could say something nice as that.

Yesterday also he told me that.. 'Mama, thank you for taking care of Syahmie.' I am touched. Although I had not heard it, because again.. I have closed the car door. Haha.. I don't know why whenever he said that.. the car door closed.

He said that too to Mr. Fruitheart yesterday night after we were back from clinic. Mr. Fruitheart was on leave, and he said.. 'Thank you daddy, for taking care of Syahmie.' I am so proud of my small man. Even though at certain times he's being naughty and did not listened to me.. I still love him, so much!

Diva Darling: December Holiday Giveaway

I am in the mood to join contest and giveaway! Was blog walking and updating my blog entry, saw this on one of my fellow blogger Cadlynn.

I am attracted to all gifts given by Diva Darling for this contest December holiday giveaway. The giveaway is held for their readers as token of appreciation for being their followers and helping them achieved their wonderful year as online shopping website. I just joined today, and what can I say.. few minutes blog walking I was already attracted to their pink layout and fashion tips!

I could end my 2010 with a gift from them. That's a fabulous idea. Pampering myself, yes of course!
Here are what they're giving:

OK, the Bobbi Brown gift probably be the last one I would've want. I am not that person who likes to color my eye. Hehe.. Lip gloss yes. Sexy lips! And the body lotion, oh I so love lotion. I have dry skin, and lotion is definitely is a must have item for me. If they actually are giving away lavender.. I double my like and reall…

Give Away Domain – Sumijelly & Sekilass

After sometimes only I managed to join this contest by my fellow blogger sumijelly and her sister sekilass. Double S! Hehe..Joining this contest for fun. I think this is the second contest I have joined so far.

Why I want to join? I want to win the mystery gift. If I said that would be ok right Sumi? Hehe.. Although I know winner is chosen based on lucky draw. I don't have the luck with lucky draw ever. Joining a contest is fun. If I don't win any also I am OK with that. The more the merrier right?

The contest begins from 4th December 2010 till 4th January 2011. The reult will beout on 10th January 2011.

Prizes as per below:
First: New domain or renew + 20 pieces of FOOT DETOX
Second: New domain or renew + 16 pieces FOOT DETOX
Third: New domain or renew + 8 pieces FOOT DETOX
Consolation prize 1 : 4 x McD Voucher worth RM10.00 + 6 pieces FOOT DETOX
Consolation prize 2 : 3 x DrinKlip worth RM10.00 + 6 pieces FOOT DETOX
OK, now I have to tag three people. Haaa.. who la am I suppose to tag…

It Is Going To School For My Small Man

The 'Back To School' season has already started on the first few weeks of school holidays. Plus, it is altogether with the Year End Sale. Shopping! Yeah!We had told our small man that he will only be getting his stuff his school stuff few weeks before school starts. He was OK with it.

12 years ago, it was my my parents who bought me my school stuff. Now it is my turn. Owh how time really flies fast. It feels like yesterday I was sitting for UPSR. Now my small man's turn to enter the big boys school. I know I will cry. Haha.. for sure! Like the first day he went to kindergarten. He even said, 'Mom go home. I will be OK.' At that time I know my baby is no longer a baby.

On Saturday we went to JJ AU to buy his school clothes. It was not so crowded. As usual, not easy to look for his trousers. We always had problems looking for the right waist size for him. He wanted a BEN 10 shoes (yeah boys, if girls they would definitely wants Barbie). No size also. All the smaller si…

Signs You're a Workaholic

I just read an article in SHINE from Yahoo - New Survey: Signs You're a Workaholic. If I took the quiz 5 years ago, I would be labeled as WORKAHOLIC. Hehe.. Right now, no I am not one. I'm 99% sure.

More to family time, my small man is getting bigger and going to school. He needs more attention than my work does. Although sometimes he really wish mummy would stay at home and play with him. He knows that if mummy didn't work.. he will get no clothes, toys, food or what so ever he wants.
Well, daddy have to agree if mummy to stay at home son.

I used to work more than 8 hours 5 years ago. Plus it's a night shift supporting US. Started my shift at 10PM till 7AM the next morning. If I worked on Friday, I can continue work until 11AM on Saturday morning. And.. I came to work on Sunday too! Too much isn't it? At that time I am a single mother, and all I think was to get more money to support my son. Although I know, money is not everything he needs. He needs his mother.

I eve…

Everyday 'SEX'

Sorry, my humble apology if this title offended my readers. Did you all notice everyday when you read the newspaper or watched TV you will come across such title 'SEX'? That three letter word of course attracted readers to read further about the story. Some might as well starting to imagining things.
Some of the news about 'sex' involves children at the early age of two. And even a grandfather of eighty years. Have you read the Star newspaper today? The two most viewed stories are Youngsters’ sex video courts controversy and Conman has sex to ward off ill luck. This story was even worse Shocking ‘girlfriends for pills’ exchange.

How cheap a girl or woman can be?? This is really a shame. :( Much ashamed when it involved 14 to 16 years old boys. Teenagers now days are sure extreme. I'm afraid, yes. Read this More teens taking desperate measures

It is really shocking stories. Parents were blamed, teachers, authorities and even the government. Lack of education? The gov…

Expect The Unexpected

Always expect the unexpected. What to expect actually? Nothing.

We all have them whether we realize or not. Like when we have loads of work, one or two of our work partner is not there. We were left with double joy to complete it.

One minute we are healthy, run here and there. Making jokes with our family then later at night we had trouble sleeping whereby when we woke up tomorrow morning, we had fever. Aha... it is totally unexpected. Could be because we walked when it rained or drink a lot of cold water or the food we ate.

I don't feel OK these few days. Seems things are not the way I want it. Yes, God plans always work, and ours don't. I know that.

What I want actually? *sigh* Tried to become more peaceful with whatever happened in my life currently. Family, work, social life.. everything. Somehow.. there this tiny needle kept on pinching. Ouch!

Here I am writing what's inside. One of those thing I love doing.. write and read. More books? Still reading 'Original Sin'

Why I Still Love Garfield

Garfield, the fat orange cat!

He's cute, adorable, fat, chubby, lazy and owh the list goes on. I remember when I was 13, I would want my stuff to be all 'Garfiledness'. Haha.. that's not even a word eh. I have key chain, pillow, mug and stationery's made of Garfield.

Now when I am almost thirty *shhhhhh*, my small man who is going to be seven also loves Garfield. We both enjoyed watching it. And, let me tell you something.. my in laws has a cat. Orange cat! His name is Ringgo, and no.. not exactly like Garfield, but little similar. Hehe.. Sometimes we called him Dodo and Fatty.

This picture was taken today morning before I went to work. He likes to lay there on the kitchen counter with my mother in law, while she was reading newspaper. Before I took the picture, he was laying flat. Just when I hold my phone camera in front of him, he started to pose. Clever huh?

Close up! Few times he got trapped inside a room and cannot go out. He don't even know how to 'Purr…

Music: Taylor Swift - Back To December

Current song that I enjoy listening.. She's so sweet!

I'm so glad you made time to see me
How's life, tell me how's your family
I haven't seen them in a while
You've been good, busier then ever
We small talk, work and the weather
Your guard is up and I know why

'Cause the last time you saw me
Is still burned in the back of your mind
You gave me roses and I left them there to die

So this is me swallowing my pride,
Standing in front of you saying I'm sorry for that night
And I'd go back to December all the time
It turns out freedom ain't nothing but missing you
Wishing I'd realized what I had when you were mine
I'd go back to December, turn around and make it all right
I go back to December all the time

These days I haven't been sleeping
Staying up playing back myself leaving
When your birthday passed and I didn't call
And I think about summer, all the beautiful times
I watched you laughing from the passenger side and,
Realized I loved you in the fall

My Last Wedding Gift

It has been eighty days I am married to Mr. Fruitheart. It was like counting down to our wedding day. Hehe.. How's my life now? Happy I would say. Although sometimes tired and angry and I feel like screaming to both of them.

This story was during weekend. I was supposed to watch Narnia on Sunday, instead I mistakenly looked at the date and thought it was Saturday. Silly me. Ended up I called my friend, Suneeta and had girls day out with her. Mr. Fruitheart and my small man? I asked them to go home. Mummy's turn to go out. Actually it was the first time I went out with my girlfriend since I am married. I know I could not do this activity often like I used to do when I am single.

We watched Social Network. The movie about facebook creator Mark Zukerberg. For me it was OK, since I don;t quite understand it.

After the movie we went for refreshments at Starbucks. Then we headed to Parkson to buy my wedding gift. My last wedding gift! She had asked me what are the things on my wish lis…

Food Review: Amira Seafood, Nilai

Last Saturday and Sunday has been busy for me. So much to do with little time. I even did not get my afternoon nap. Haha.. I guess I will no longer have much of my afternoon nap after this.

On Saturday night, we went to a restaurant near BB Nilai. Same row as KFC, Pizza Hut and Bangi Kopitiam. Amira Seafood, that's what the restaurant name. My father told me that JJCM host Serina had been there and he said the food is nice.
To our surprised (me and Mr. Fruitheart) we've been there. But not eat-in, take away some 'tomyam'. We had not received a good service on the first time, so we thought they might have changed. We decided to give it a try. And there were a lot of customers when we arrived. At that time, I have a feeling that food service will be really SLOW.

As expected, the service was slow and the food were late. My small man even cried. He's so hungry.

Mr. Fruitheart also getting bored of waiting. And the first food to arrived was my sister's chicken porrid…