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Wake Me Up When September Ends

Last day of September, 30th. Another three months until we enter new year 2012. What have you achieved so far in this year? Did you manage to complete your 2011 resolution?

I wanted to share one good news with my readers. It has been one of the most excited things for married couple. Ahh.. I know you already know when I say that. Just that I need the confirmation from medical expertise. Although I know it's +ve and all the signs are there. I wanted to be sure and don't want to face dissapoinment again.

Welcome October, goodbye September.

Empire Subang Shopping Gallery - After Explosion

One of my blogger friend posted this video on his blog (Video) Keadaan selepas letupan di Empire Shopping Gallery. From what I read in the news, the shopping mall is closed until further notice. It is good to know the relevant authorities and building management are doing inspection and checking to it's building after what has happened.

You can check updates about it on their website and twitter Empire There are also few videos about it on Youtube.

Whenever You're Ready Sayang

Changes to the body. Something is wrong. I wonder why. Could it be? Afraid to know further, afraid to as I don't think I can face the dissapointment anymore. But, have to think positive. If it's meant to be.. than it's meant to be.

Whenever you're ready sayang..

Fruitheart 's Traffic Update - Unbelievable!

I updated my blog as usual yesterday, with the title Empire Subang Explosion and Empire Subang Explosion and Malaysians Reaction. Deep down in my heart I know my blog traffic going to hit the ceiling. Yes! I am right.

First time ever, it reached 15K.

Sometimes it feels good to see my blog page views number increasing. 'Kejar traffic?'.. Sometimes OK, just sometimes. I wanted to let the whole world know.. Hey I have a blog! I have stories! Read me, read me!

But of course not all your stories are interesting and informative for others to read. As I said earlier in my previous post 4990 PV, 3061 UV A Day?, just write everyday and there will be at least ten people who read it. Keep on blogging!

P/S: I wish the UV would be more than 1000 a day.

Empire Subang Explosion and Malaysians Reaction

All pictures here credit to twitterland people who took it. By looking at those pictures, it was pretty bad. News said four people were injured including security guard while more than 300 people rescued and evacuated. It has been the story of the day until now and it is said because of gas-piping leaked. NOT CONFIRMED. Police had closed the road there.

Did you know one of the most fastest news I received is via twitter? YES! There is a hash tag created for this #EmpireSubangExplode. You can check pictures posted by them by using that hash tag.

Sadly, there are some people who are not sensitive enough and making fun out of it. Some even comments how they wish it was a terrorist attack, saying it is connected to Al-Qaeda and such. Why must people speculate things?

It seems to me, there is no final news about the explosion. Let's not speculate things and wait for the final findings.

Here's more pictures: zulseffort

Empire Subang Explosion

Early morning news. I read this retweet twitter post from a friend who retweet a post from one of the DJ, Jin (JinnyBoy). It's about the Empire Shopping in Subang which exploded at around 3.46am. It is loud enough to shake windows, trigger alarm and woke people up.

I got this picture from his tweet.

Pretty bad shape by looking at those pictures. I think that's a black car in front of the building. Last I read, it was due to gas leaked but it is not confirmed. They're still investigating. Hope there are no injuries during the explosions.

Updated: Here is the link from theStar online today: Two injured in shopping mall blast in Subang

Ladies.. Don't Disgrace Yourself

~ You wear a very tight short skirt and others looked at you when you walked passed them. But then you started to pull down your skirt. If I have extra cloth, I would give it to you for free.

~ You wear a white satin sleeveless blouse. Looks stunning. Saw 'something black' under your armpit. If I have a shaver, I'll pass it to you on the spot.
~ You wear your nice tube and red hot pants. You look so hot babe! Didn't you noticed you have '50 cents coins mark' on your back and long legs? I'll give you my skin specialist number for a free visit.
~ You wear a nice net blouse. Saw two lines, one on the right and one on the left. Pink and purple. Gosh, your bra string! I can happily show you the way to La Senza to buy a strapless bra.
~ Your skirt looks really amazing with those 4 inch high heels. Are they hairs that fell onto your legs when you visit your hairdresser today?

~ People can see your erect nipple underneath your see-through blouse. You prefer to have your…

Count On Me

If you ever find yourself stuck in the middle of the sea
I'll sail the world to find you
If you ever find yourself lost in the dark and you can't see
I'll be the light to guide you

Find out what we're made of
When we are called to help our friends in need

You can count on me like 1, 2, 3
I'll be there

And I know when I need it
I can count on you like 4, 3, 2
And you'll be there
'cause that's what friends are supposed to do

If you're tossin' and you're turnin
and you just can't fall asleep
I'll sing a song beside you

And if you ever forget how much you really mean to me Every day I will remind you
You'll always have my shoulder when you cry I'll never let go Never say goodbye You can count on me 'cause I can count on you


Friends.. We all have them. No matter if we see them everyday, communicating via social networking or our unseen friends, that mostly our cyber friends.

I met my high school friend which I haven't met almost 15 years. She still looks like she is still 14 years old! Slim, although she's married and a mother to one child. I was having my lunch at that moment when I saw her. She didn't recognized me, and after I told her my name. She smile widely and oh boy, she screamed! Hehe.. Women huh? As excited as we are when gossiping. 

She asked me if I was alone, and I said yes. She said, you're friendless. Errmm.. OK I accepted that compliment. I told her sometimes I prefer to go alone, because I have the freedom to choose where I want to eat, when I want to eat. And sometimes, my workload makes me a bit lazy to go out and walk far from the office. Some of my friends prefer to enjoy their 'free' time outside walking far and sweating under the hot sun. Nah ah ah.. …

A Wedding Anniversary Gift for Us

Yesterday marked the 365 days of our marriage life. We don't have plans, don't have the idea what to give to each other. It is only first year and we don't know what to do.. haih.. so sad. Come to think of it if 10th or 50th anniversary, what would we have for ourselves then? Busy has been our best friend this year.

So, we just go with the flow on Sunday. As usual, as a housewife I did my chores early morning. Washing, cleaning, ironing re-arranging. And quick update on the blog. Since it rained around 9am, Mr. Fruitheart decided to continue his beauty sleep until 11am.

We had lunch at Chilis, KLCC. Since I had my four teeth extracted, I chose to have chicken spaghetti. Mr. Fruitheart had steak for his lunch and kiddo as usual, fries with drumstick. He had two plates! So hungry huh?

Went to Toys 'r us and bought kiddo his toy. One toy as promised. Kids, even though they already had a big huge box full of toys, they still want a new one. After he got his Lego Racer, we wen…

Wedding Anniversary - First Year 250911

Love brought us together As husband and wife And God gives each of us A best friend for life Happy Wedding Anniversary!
Congratulations to both Mr. Nizam and Mrs. Fara for their 365 days together as wedded happily husband and wife. (Oh yeah that's me of course).

Malaysia's PM Played 'Gotcha' on Jakeman..Cool!

He is awesome man! How do you react when out of sudden, a VVIP called you? A Prime Minister for instance. I would sweat and yes nervous to the max. Both the morning crew hilarious DJ, JJ and Ean had informed listeners of HITZ.FM previous week that they going to air 'PM gotcha-ind The Jakeman' it on Tuesday. And, it was aired this morning around 8.30am.

We have heard a lot of times, Jakeman (GM I tell you) gotcha-ing his staff. And they have been trying hard for revenge. Haha.. no success. So this time around, they had to ask our PM for helping out. It turns out he listens to the 'GOTCHA' too, as told by Manager, Brian. Epic! I wouldn't have thought our PM can do that. He always busy as we know it, and I don't think he has time for all this funny hilarious errr.. nonsense? Haha.. but no. He participated.

You can read too in the NST today. Ha ha, PM gotcha, Jakeman

P/S: If it happens to me, I think I can cry. Takut!

Kalau Kita..


Kalau kita boleh bermekap satu jam, tepek bedak nak bagi muka putih macam Datuk Siti Nurhaliza.. kenapa kita tidak boleh bermekap, bercantik, bersegak untuk menghadap Allah?Kalau kita boleh mandi dengan bersih, 'scrub' diri celah ketiak semua.. kenapa kita tidak boleh mandi bersihkan daki bila menghadap Allah?Kalau kita boleh menunggu dan datang 45 minit awal untuk ambil tiket wayang.. kenapa kita tidak boleh melangkah awal ke surau atau masjid?Kalau kita boleh membaca buku atau novel cinta sehingga lewat malam untuk satu jam barangkali sehingga terlelap.. kenapa kita tidak boleh meluangkan masa 10 minit membaca Al-Quran?Kalau kita boleh memakai baju bersih dan cantik semasa 'dating' dengan buah hati.. kenapa kita tidak boleh menukar seluar yang telah kotor dibahagian kaki contohnya untuk menghadap Allah?Kalau kita boleh meronda dengan buah hati tanpa hala tuju.. kenapa kita tidak boleh memandu jauh mencari masjid atau surau untuk menunaikan solat?Kalau kita ti…

Hantu Bonceng (Ghost Rider?)

"Bang.. tolong saya banggggg..." The movie 'Hantu Bonceng' by Ahmad Idham already started showing on the 31st Aug, second day of Syawal. It has been told that it reaches 5MIL ticket sales during it's five days show. WOW! So 1MIL a day. Featuring Zizan Razak (Raja Lawak), Juliana Evans, Jue Aziz, Dottie, Tai and Zahid AF.

I watched it on ASTRO. Paid RM15. Show was on 8.30PM, Saturday night. No popcorn, Twister, coke or pepsi. We only have fluffy pillows.

It's a light comedy movie. It did make me laugh. Moral of the story, don't do 'rempit'? I believe it's main concern is about social living among youth. Disco, 'rempit', motorcycle, avoid pregnancy without legal marriage knot. The ghost only a minor part of the story.

P/S: Hantu Kak Limah Balik Rumah jugak terbaik! Cer citer cer citer.

Teeth Extraction, Painful

I'm in pain.. Sob sob. Bleeding for almost whole day during the first day Dr. Tan extract my tooth. Haa.. MC on that day. Couldn't eat much. The next tooth was extracted on last Saturday, bottom tooth. It was a OK, not like the upper tooth.

I took out my teeth because I'll be wearing braces soon. Haih.. I should have done it when I'm a teenager age around 16-20 right. But what to do, so busy with teenagers life. No exposure about all this.

I still feel the pulsation (is that correct?) in my gums. Pain killer is my best friend now. Next appointment, two more teeth on Friday. No TGIF for that week. I'll be laying whole day. Uwaaa!

P/S: Of course they gave me sedatif, but I'm such a drama queen.

When Your Boy Dress Up

When they were babies, you decide what they going to wear, matching with that black shoe and black pants. As time goes by, you still decide some, but the percentage of approval is based on your kid. Sometimes, you have to tolerate with them. Knowing they would be much happier with what they chose to wear.

"Oh sakit mata mama tengok!" Sounds familiar to you? That is what I used to say to kiddo if he wore something that my eyes don't agree. But there are times, I just let him do and wear what he wants as long as he is in full attire.

Look at those hair. At the age of seven, he wanted to have a mohawk hairstyle and wear perfume. Note to myself: he is no longer a baby, he is a grown up kid.

Fara from BlackBerry®

Raya Oh Raya

We've entered the 14th day of Syawal. It has been two weeks we celebrating Aidilfitri. Normally the excitement has lessen towards the end. However, there is one thing we look forward to - open houses. Foods and more foods. Malaysians love to eat! Hehe.. That is why we always heard, some people gain 5KG after one week of Raya. Too much rendang, lemang, ketupat and other variety of foods.

It's not too late for me to update about my raya celebration this year. Although some had finished updating their 10th day of raya event, I slowly move like snail to update it. Work has not been kind to me last week.

First day of raya I was at MIL house. The whole day we went to MFIL side, until late evening. Tiring, yet exciting visiting new additional family members. And the most excited of all was of course kiddo. He's been given much 'angpow' this year.

The second day of raya, we started our journey at 10am back to Perak. This year my father celebrated raya with his family side.…

Don't Be A Workaholic

Happy Monday everyone!

I know some have 'Monday Blues'. OK, what is Monday Blues actually? From wiki.answers - its when you are sick and you are always having a bad day on Monday. Hmm... is that so? But why is everybody said they're having Monday blues on Sunday, when Monday is not there yet?

Today, this one article in NST 1klassifieds section caught my attention. Title: DON'T BE A WORKAHOLIC. In the article introduction, it says "It is dangerous to be a workaholic. Although you may finish a lot of work, you may endanger your marriage, ruin your relationships with your children, get burnt out, and end up in an early grave." That serious huh? YES! 

Steps that will point your way to have more enjoyable, meaningful life:
1. Change your values so work is no longer the most important thing in your life.
2. Your family.
3. Your health.
4. Enjoyment and peace of mind.
5. Money

Once you have a firm of determination to tackle your work addiction, the following steps can help:

My All Time Favourite Raya Songs

My all time favourite Raya songs. I've been listening to these songs from the day I was born.. really?? Hehe.. If there is an event or competition for best Raya Evergreen Songs Award, I would suggest below:

Aidil Fitri - Sanisah Huri
Balik Kampung - Sudirman
Bersabarlah Sayang - Sanisah Huri
Bila Takbir Bergema - Rafeah Buang
Cahaya Aidilfitri - Black Dog Bone
Dari Jauh Ku Pohon Maaf - Sudirman
Dendang Perantau - P. Ramlee
Halaman Asmara - Awie & Ziana Zain
Indahnya Beraya Di Desa - Azlina Aziz
Kepulangan Yang Dinanti - Aman Shah
Ku Pohon Restu Ayah Bonda - Mamat
Menjelang Hari Raya - DJ Dave
Nazam Lebaran - Siti Nurhaliza
Pulanglah - Aishah
Satu Hari Di Hari Raya - M Nasir
Selamat Hari Raya - Ahmad Jais
Selamat Hari Raya - Fazidah Joned
Selamat Hari Raya - Saloma
Seloka Hari Raya - Uji Rashid & & Hail Amir
Senandung Hari Raya Untuk Mu - Dayang Ku Intan
Sesuci Lebaran  -Siti Nurhaliza
Setitis Cahaya Di Aidilfitri - Aishah
Suasana Di Hari Raya - Annuar & Elina
Suasana Hari Raya - Sharifah …

Music: Percaya Padaku - Ungu

Inilah padahnye bile dengar Hotfm sebelum Raya hari tu. Stesen radio lain kurang pasang lagu raya, jadi beralih arah sekejap. Lagu ni terus lekat dalam kepala sampai saat ini. Memang suka banget same lagu ni. Lagu band Ungu memang sume sedap lah. Mantep dong!

aku tak tahu apa yang ku rasakan
dalam hatiku saat pertama kali
lihat dirimu, melihatmu

seluruh tubuhku terpaku dan membisu
detak jantungku berdebar tak menentu
sepertinya aku tak ingin berlalu

berikan cintamu juga sayangmu
percaya padaku ku kan menjagamu
hingga waktu menjemputku

ku berikan cintaku juga sayangku
percaya padaku ku kan menjagamu
hingga waktu menjemputku

saat ku tahu kau akan pergi jauh
izinkan aku tuk selalu menantimu
untuk katakan ku ingin dirimu (ingin dirimu)

agar kau tahu betapa ku terlalu
mencintaimu aku akan menunggu
hingga dirimu kembali untukku

repeat reff

tolonglah aku bagaimana diriku
ungkapkan itu rasa yang membelenggu
dalam hatiku ku cinta padamu

repeat reff

berikan cintamu juga sayangmu
percaya padaku ku kan menjagamu

Grandfather's Love

The reason grandchildren and grandparents get along so well is that they have a common enemy. ~ Sam Levenson
Kiddo likes to be with his grandparents because as the first grandchild, he usually gets what he wants from them. Well, that is what normally happens in our culture right. If he asked from us, he won't get it on the spot sometimes. Hehe..

During lunch today he had asked us if we can have chicken chop for dinner. Immediately I said NO! I even told him the chef is still on Raya holiday. I cooked 'rendang ayam' and yes I'm a bit lazy to go out. So I told him maybe next time.

After his grandpa came back from work at 9pm, he took kiddo to the nearest chicken chop restaurant. So, there he was a happy grandson.

P/S: Anything for his grandson.
Fara from BlackBerry®

Cooling of with Juice Works

We were both hungry. On our way back home, we stopped by Juice Works. Overwhelmed by a bunch of crowds, we bought one banana blast off. RM12.65 including RM0.72 tax.

Nice. It had lessen our hunger a bit. Well having subway 6 inch for lunch is not enough.

Till then.. Adios!
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6% Tax For Prepaid Mobile Phone

Sharing my thoughts. I read about the news yesterday in theStar. It's on Buletin Utama, TV3 and all other TV stations as well.

Telecommunication companies (Telcos) said they will no longer absorb the service tax which was introduced in 1998. The service charge will now be imposed on purchases of prepaid reloads and prepaid starter/SIM packs starting from 15th September.

This is similar to the service tax levied on food and beverage purchases from restaurants and hotels. The service tax was raised from 5% to 6% effective January 2011. (source theStar)

The telcos are Celcom Axiata Bhd, Maxis Bhd, DiGi Telecommunications Sdn Bhd, Tune Talk Sdn Bhd, Merchantrade Asia Sdn Bhd, Salamfone Sdn Bhd, XOX Bhd and IMEtel.

I can see that lots of prepaid users are not very happy about it. Knowing Malaysian, no matter how much the price is, they will still use and pay for it. With the charging of 6% service tax, if a user topped up RM10 they have to fork out additional RM0.60 which means it will be …

Keep In Touch in Facebook

Facebook. Direct translation to Malay - Mukabuku. There's a song about it, Cinta Mukabuku sing by a 16 year old girl, Najwa Latif. Catchy song, and nice lyrics too. About teenagers love. That is what happened when you listened to Hotfm radio station instead of, and those songs like Aisheteru, Percaya Padaku, Beribu Sesalan, Ku menunggu stucked in your head. OK, I am out of the topic now.
One of my office colleague resigned today. He got a better job opportunity outside. Good for him. And traditionally, whenever someone leaves the company they would send email. He did the same.

Back then people would just include their phone number and email address. Nowadays, they include their facebook name and twitter as well. It's not a surprise at all. It's just that I think we're so into social networking these days. What happened to the hangout in old fashion way? Meet up at coffee shop, catch up movies with friends, or even play squash on weekend? Some still doing it, no …

Hari Raya Open Office.. Eh! Not Open House?

At least I was invited to the open office occasion. Why sound so funny one? Usually we said open house right, but this time my office organized 'makan-makan' for their staff in conjunction with Hari Raya.

Raya equals to good delicious fattening food. You have to agree with me on this.

It started at 12pm sharp at our lounge area. They had played raya songs, which make me feel like I worked during first day of raya. Yes, I can feel it since everyone was there. It's like we didn't get any leave and have to work. Cewahhh..

Pictures thanks to volunteered cameraman. Yeah, the cheeky man with black 'songkok'.

Can't say anymore. Pictures worth thousand words. Delicious! The 'ayam masak merah', 'rendang ayam'.. ouh yummy. I didn't get to taste the 'satay', but the 'kuah kacang' was nice.

Ladies wearing traditional clothes only can join.

There were some people missing. Cannot fit into the picture. Selamat Hari Raya Aidilfitri 2011.

The Toothfairy Didn't Take My Tooth

Kiddo lost his first upper tooth yesterday during school hour. Budak rongak! He said he was about to cry but he hold it. Yaeh right son. If you were at home, you'll burst into tears seeing blood you'll scream. Like I don't know. Haha.

So, I told him to throw his tooh up on the roof. That's what my mom told me. But kiddo had put the tooth under his pillow instead. He was hoping it would into money the next morning.
Kiddo: Mom! There's no money under my pillow. The tooth fairy didn't take my tooth. Me: Eh tooth fairy does not exist. Kiddo: But, the other day Powerpuff Girls (I'm not sure which B girl he mentioned) lose her tooth and the tooth fairy came and gave her money. Me: Haih.. That happens only in TV, for cartoons. Not in real life. Kiddo: Oh. Then you give me money, can? Me: *Stares*

Human Can Be Cruel Sometimes, Poor Kitty

I am sure each one of you have heard about Petknode, the most talked hell-hotel for pets. It was said about 300 hundred cats were involved. That's a lot man! And sadly some had died because of starvation. I felt sorry for all the pet owners. Knowing their pet are not taken care of for a week and was let alone to die, that is so cruel!
Well what are we to do now? I read in newspapers, activists, pet owners and lovers, even politicians were angry and have asked stern action taken to those responsible. They can make hundreds of police report, but where will it lead or end? Does putting them behind bars or give them summonses would solve the issue? NOT! As you already know, this is just the same as other issues in Malaysia. Just when it gets in the news and involved higher rates of death for example, people would give ideas, solutions.. and so on. Take example the baby dumping issue. It still happens, even though so many actions have been taken into consideration and done.

Malaysian Ani…

How Many Does a Woman Need...?

♫ You know that I'm a crazy chick I do what I want when I feel like it All I wanna do is lose control ♫
But I'm not a crazy chick! So what is it that I did today? During lunch hour, I went to buy a small bag just to put my blackberry and purse!
After my lunch at Subway yesterday, I went bag-hunting. Bonia, Sembonia.. which I know I couldn't get less than RM200. Next stop Teddy Tales and few stalls on level 4. There's one stall that sells bags made of jeans, so nice and cute. But.. but.. it wouldn't fit my long purse. *sigh* Reasonable price, not more than RM50. I was disappointed of course. Just when I had an eye for something, there's no size.
Went to Miss Whatever. Whatevvverrrr! Got few nice small bags but, yeah couldn't fit my purse.. AGAIN! Usually I would have just give up. But, I bought this black small bag instead. It doesn't even have a sling. I bought it anyway. Below RM30. It driving me nuts when my heart, brain and hands doesn't work together…

Just The Three of Us - Raya 2011 Own Photoshoot

8th day of Syawal. Still celebrating Raya of course, one month OK! Hehe.. Other's have uploaded pictures since day one on their facebook and blog, I was about to begin.
Pictures were taken on the first day of Raya, after the boys came back from prayer. No professional photographer, my brother in law was the cameraman. This year, my own family theme is grey.

This was their naughty free pose. Like father like son huh?

Testing Post via BlackBerry

I should have searched for the tutorial before my Raya holiday, but as you may know my usual reasons.. Don't have much time. Hehe.

So now when at work I do have a bit of my time to update. Let's see how it appears in website. Hope all goes well. And yes I know there are a lot tutorial about posting your entry via smartphones. Ouh I feel so left behind.

Oh and i will update my entry about my Raya holiday soon. Will keep you posted.

P/S: Raya sebulan, jadi tidak salah dengar lagu raya masa kerja kan?