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Pregnancy Brain

Mr. Fruitheart has been the most informative person during my first day pregnancy until now. He knows what to do, what to expect and very patience. He even subscribed to the Babybump website. Here was what he showed me on my week 24, day 4, 2nd trimester.

You set your car keys on the counter—you know you did—but they aren’t there now. If it seems like these scatter-brained moments are happening more and more often, you’re not alone. All of those hormone fluctuations are causing the all-too-common phenomenon known as “Pregnancy Brain”, which happens to many moms-to-be at some point. Unfortunately, short of carrying a sticky note pad around to jot down constant reminders to yourself, there’s not much you can do to stave off the occasional flightiness and forgetfulness. So just laugh it off and use hormones as your scapegoat while you still can. Chances are, those around you will cut you some much-deserved slack.

I was laughing while reading it. I never knew there was a phenomenon called &…

First Ever Nasi Lemak Made by Me

It's a long holiday here in Malaysia, due to Prophet Muhammad Birthday on Sunday. And Tuesday is Thaipusam celebration. I am at my parents house this week so as usual I am very eager to cook. Haha.

First time ever in my entire life, I cooked 'nasi lemak'. I must admit, I am not good cooking with 'santan' (coconut milk). But thanks to the internet, I got the recipe. And thanks to Mr. Fruitheart who was really helpful in the kitchen too.

We had breakfast at Banting as usual, and went to the market afterwards. Bought the ingredients and headed home. I only started to cook around 1pm. My weakness in cooking is that I AM SLOW! It can took me 2 hours to cook 2 dishes. Boo hoo hoo. Confirm kebuluran lah my family tunggu I habis masak kan.

Let's skip to the part where I panicked when I saw on top of my 'nasi lemak', the coconut milk was not mixed with the rice. Uh oh! But the rice was cooked perfectly, with the nice smell. Emmm emmm.. yummy! Me and Mr. Fruitheart …