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Favourite Quote of The Week #13

“Maybe children just want whatever it is they don't get. And then they grow up and give their children what they wanted, be it silence or information, affection or independence--so that child, in turn, craves something else. With every generation the pendulum swings from opposite to opposite, stillness and peace so elusive.” ~~ Laura Moriarty, The Rest of Her Life

Accidents Happened Even at Home

Everybody knows accidents can happen everywhere. Even at home. Now have you ever asked yourself, if you need a First Aid Kit at home? Or in your car? I did think of having it at home and in my car, but I haven't buy it yet. I do not know when.

This happened during my OAWC last week. I was frying some beef when the hot oil splashed to my fingers. It was so painful. :( My mother once told me, to keep it cool put some toothpaste or butter. So I quickly ran to the toilet and put some on my fingers.

That was one. The other accident happened to Mr. Fruitheart when his toes hit the sharp end of the floor. He didn't feel the pain, not until I saw blood on the floor. I thought it came from the fish.

Due to no First Aid Kit, the traditional way I did was put some 'minyak gamat' on his toes after cleaning it. Mr. Fruitheart got a bit dizzy looking at his own blood. I wonder how he felt when I delivered baby girl last year.. hmmm.

So why we need First Aid Kit again? It is very IMPORTA…

TAWC - Cooking with Instant Ingredients

Instant - Commercially prepared or processed for quick and easy final preparation. AHA! Who doesn't love quick and easy things? It doesn't only saves time, but energy too. Last week was my OAWC - once a week cooking again. I thought I just had some cooking last week. Oh yeah, it was my baking week. How forgetful of me.

What's the menu? Main as always chicken, beef and veggies. Bought fish and wanted to cook curry, however I forgot to buy the curry powder, coconut oil and few limes. Mr. Fruitheart is a bit choosy about fish. He will not eat if the fish still has it's fishy smell.

This time It took me 2 1/2 hours. Thanks to Maggie instant ingredients.

Yesterday's dishes:
Chicken tomyam (3 packs)
Black pepper beef (2 packs)
Fried carrot with french beans (3 packs)
Spinach (2 packs)

I still have my last two weeks dish chicken soup and fish, one each. I used the MAGGI Black Pepper Beef Mix too cook the beef and the Instant Thai Tomyam from Adabi for the chicken. No peeling and …

Favourite Quote of The Week #11

A mother's love for her child is like nothing else in the world. It knows no law, no pity, it dares all things and crushes down remorselessly all that stands in its path. ~~ Agatha Christie

Fruitheart Moist Tiramisu Cake

Last weekend is not my OAWC. So my weekend project is cooking and yoga. It was supposed to be yoga weekend, but I ended up baking. Requested by beloved Mr. Fruitheart and kiddo.

So we went to City Bakers the usual place in Sunway Giza. When I entered the shop, I smell cookies! So yummy. Ahhh.. I always love that smell. So I wandered around and looked for instant packet to make cheesecake. But they didn't have any instant mixture. Mr. Fruitheart suggested to bake tiramisu instead. And we also bought the same packet for baking cookies. I bought hazelnut, to try it on the cookies.

The simple and short ingredients for this busy-no-experience-baking-mummy. I just need to add eggs, butter and milk.

You see it yourself the very simple ingredients and steps. Even kiddo can do this on his own. He's been helping mummy baking. I am proud of him, very helpful and good boy. *hugs*
If you ask me what's inside the packet, nah ah ah.. I do not know. All I know I don't have to measure how …

Happy International Women's Day 2013

Happy International Women's Day to all the kickass women of the world.
"Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope or confidence." ~ Helen Keller

There are few events/campaign running from 1st March till 31st March 2013. You can check on this website: Total of 8 events found in Malaysia.

What you can do today to the woman who you called mother, wife, daughter, sister, grandma, aunts, nieces? Hug them, call them, email them, do the chores, cook them dinner, send them for a massage or spa treatment, or whatever is appropriate to make them happy. What ever you do, just do it and make them happy.

P/S: I want my spa treatment please.

Favourite Quote of The Week #10

When you feel cold and warm at the same time, when you read over the same line for the tenth time, when your heart and thoughts somehow appear to rhyme, and when a simple name conquers your whole mind, then you are in deep trouble my friend... you are in what they call, "love". ~~ Philippos Aristotelous

TAWC - 3 Hours

I know how big mess I can create when I cook. Yesterday we were at my parents house. They have bigger kitchen than our condo, and I am so happy making a mess there. HEHE. Of course, I am the one who clean it all after I am done.

My father told me to do my chopping on the table, but I prefer to sit down on the carpet. Bersila lagi senang kot, selesa. I woke up at 7.30am on Sunday. Everyone else were still sleeping. It's good, because baby girl also sleeping. Or else, she will also very busy playing with the pots and pans.

One tip from OAWC - Do not buy your groceries on the day you want to cook. You are going to be really tired of the shopping, chopping, separating and of course cooking. So, I went for my groceries on Saturday. The most important thing in OAWC - PLANNING.

Yesterday's dishes:
Chicken soup with potato
Beef curry with potato
Ikan selar masak kicap (yellowtail scad in soy sauce)
Ikan tenggiri masak kicap (mackerel in soy sauce)
Ikan bawak masak sos (black pomfret in tomato…

New House - After A Month

26th Feb marked the one monthsary we lived in our new house. Hooray! Alhamdulillah, all are well. Both my children didn't have problem sleeping at night and they both enjoyed their swim time.

There were times it's hard to wake up kiddo. I understand it, totally. Usually he woke up at 6.15am, now he had to wake up at 6am. I had to 'snooze' him 2 times. Why is it that mother is the one who always wake up early and get ready first? Why can't it be husband? *roll eyes* We need to leave the house at 6.45am every morning.

On our floor, there were only 3 family including us. I think there were about 50 family now. There were foreigners too. And during weekends, there lots of kids jumped into the swimming pool. I wonder, where did they came from?

So far, it's complete. Need to add few small things here and there. The only big stuff to install is the aircond. But, staying at 9th floor we do not need it. It's cold after 1am. However, kiddo still request to install airco…