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TAWC - Make Ahead Meals for Ramadhan Month

Salam Ramadhan. Second day of fasting. Alhamdulillah, we are given the chance again to be in the holy month of Ramadhan to perform our worship (ibadah). May this 30-day holy Ramadhan cleanse our soul and make us deserving for Allah's blessings. InsyAllah.

I am still doing my once a week meal for my family. And on last Saturday, I made 3 meals inclusive of chicken, beef and vegetables. No fish. I will need to cook fish on the day to keep the fresh taste. Yes, my husband will not eat if the fish has 'fishy' smell.

I made chicken soup with carrots and potatoes. I added some celery into it. For the beef I cooked black pepper beef with potatoes, carrots and capsicum. And mixed vegetables - carrots, celery, broccoli, corn and cabbage flower. For each meals, I can get 4 to 3 packet. And I believe we can survive for 2 whole week.

P/S: I thanked who ever invented this idea for freezer meals or make ahead meals. You made my cooking life easy.

ASTRO: Just Because of RM10.45

On last Thursday, we had an issue with our ASTRO. We reached home and as usual, kiddo switched on the TV and click on her fave channel. However, there was a message:

We apologise for the service interruption. To resume service please SMS: Astro RCO XXXXX(Smartcard number) and send to 66688. For customers in Brunei, please call 151. (TCI)

So I sent an SMS, and got a reply:
RM0.00 You are currently not eligible for this transaction. Please make payment immediately to enjoy full ASTRO services again. Thank you.

Our ASTRO has been barred?? Mr. Fruitheart checked our history payment and confirmed we had paid. So, I had to call ASTRO. I called the toll free line and since I'm using the ASTRO IPTV, I was being transferred to another line.

I asked the customer service representative to check and she told me our ASTRO account has an outstanding payment. I was like WHAT? Outstanding payment? How much? Oh no! Did Mr. Fruitheart paid to the wrong account? Because I had 2 under my name.


Jadual Waktu Berbuka Puasa dan Imsak 2014

InsyAllah.. kita akan menemui bulan penuh keberkatan iaitu Ramadhan tidak lama lagi. Mengikut kalendar, 1 Ramadhan 1435H jatuh pada hari Ahad 29hb Jun 2014.

Image credit to:

Di sini, saya kongsikan pautan Jadual Waktu Berbuka Puasa dan Imsak bagi tahun 2014.
Sumber: JAKIM

Negeri SabahNegeri SarawakWP LabuanNegeri JohorNegeri MelakaNegeri SembilanWP Kuala Lumpur & PutrajayaNegeri SelangorNegeri PerakNegeri Pulau PinangNegeri KedahNegeri PerlisNegeri PahangNegeri TerengganuNegeri Kelantan

Alhamdulillah, Allah telah melanjutkan usia kita semua untuk bersama-sama menempuhi bulan Ramadhan dengan merebut kesempatan menjalankan segala ibadah di bulan ini. Bulan di mana pahala dilipat gandakan. Dan peringatan untuk diri saya sendiri, melebihkan ibadah yang mana kurang dan mengurangkan perkara yang tidak perlu.

P/S: Mohon diri diberikan kesabaran dan kekuatan yang tinggi menempuh hari-hari mendatang.


Tak tahu nak rasa apa atau apa patut rasa sekarang. Dari pagi masuk kerja sibuk cari pusat tuisyen dan tutor di rumah untuk kiddo. Pada masa yang sama, otak bekerja keras memikirkan diri yang gagal menjadi contoh terbaik untuk anak-anak. Ye ke gagal?

Punca rasa macam tu.. Kiddo tak dapat keputusan yang membanggakan untuk peperiksaan pertengahan tahun. Agak kecewa sebab tahu dia memang boleh buat dengan lebih baik. Tahu dah bila masuk darjah 4, pelajaran semakin mencabar. Rasa sedih dan bersalah sebab tak tegas dengan kiddo untuk belajar. Bila cakap pasal tuisyen, daddy pula seolah-olah menyalahkan diri ini bila takut anak penat hantar pergi tuisyen. Kata dia, macam ini lah jadi nya kalau sambil lewa.

Pernah tak rasa 24 jam sehari itu tak cukup? Pernah? Bangun pukul 5.30 pagi, siapkan sarapan dan bekal makanan tengahari. 6.30 dah keluar rumah. Hantar girls rumah mertua dan lepas tu hantar kiddo ke sekolah. Naik LRT sampai pejabat pukul 8. Balik pukul 5, tunggu kiddo sampai 5.45 dan terus…

Google Doodle 17th June - Belgium vs Algeria

How nice.

Remembering Paul the Octopus? I choose Belgium.
It was nice of Google to create this. Maybe I should start doodling too. Just for fun.

P/S: May the best team win.

World Cup 2014 - Germany

Ladies, do you wake up purposely just to watch the game? I know some of you might. Those 'kipas susah mati' fan. I remembered in 2010, I watched the game between Spain and Germany. And they did not win. Boo hoo hoo.

First match for Germany:
Germany vs Portugal on 17th June.

Prediction: Ger 1 - Por 0, Ger 2 - Por 1

Images from Google doodle.

This year, I hope Germany will win. But, to wake up in the middle of the night to watch them play.. definitely a no no. Maybe if they made it to the semi final or final, I'll watch. Now I'd rather sleep. Age factor. HAHA. And baby factor. I do not want to fall asleep when I'm in the office too.

And let me tell you.. if you're not watching the game, not interested in the World Cup, not a fan of football, please do not say this to them.. "Come on, it's only a game."

Someone might get injured.

Image credit to

P/S: I wonder what anim…

How To Do Money Order for First Timer

There is always first time for everything. If it wasn't because of I lost my certificate, I wouldn't know how to do money order via Pos Malaysia.

I myself smile when I think of it. We used to do almost everything online, Internet banking and so on.. we forgot how to do the traditional way. You know, there are still people who went to the post office and pay their bills. Not surprise eh?

So.. let me continue with my story. I had lost my most important certificates - Diploma, SPM, PMR, UPSR and all that I received from my previous work training. When my father moved the new house, I have packed all my stuff in one big box. He transferred everything to a new box and he doesn't know where my files were when I asked him. I've searched the entire storage and I do not know where my black file is. Now I have to trouble myself to get the photocopy of my certificates.

I googled 'salinan sijil SPM' and found:

I am so relief that I can get a photocopy of my certificates. Phew!…

2014: Happy Father's Day

Image credit to

To my father, En. Nawawi Mior Abdul Majid.. you will always be my hero. Thank you for everything that you have done for me.

And to my other half, my husband Nizam.. thank you for everything you have done and will do for the kids. I am sure they are thankful too to have you as their daddy.

My fave choice of words for Father's Day:
“A boy needs a father to show him how to be in the world. He needs to be given swagger, taught how to read a map so that he can recognise the roads that lead to life and the paths that lead to death, how to know what love requires, and where to find steel in the heart when life makes demands on us that are greater than we think we can endure.”
― Ian Morgan Cron

P/S: Got Mr. Fruitheart a T-shirt that says 'World's Best Husband & Dad'.

Favourite Quote of The Week #24 - Football World Cup

It's the only sport that's played in every country in the world. It's played and watched all over the world, it's the most popular sport in probably 90% of the countries, and then with the World Cup, you have the most viewed tournament of any sport in the world. ~ Claudio Reyna P/S: World Cup fever.

School Holiday Program for Kiddo

We registered kiddo to the Intensif Pelajar Luar Biasa at his transit house last week. Started on 3rd June until 5th June from 9am to 5pm. Since he is the existing student there, I only had to pay RM90. If outsiders they have to pay RM120.

He was so excited attending the program. At least I didn't hear any "I'm bored".. "I don't know what else to do now." kind of statement for 3 days.

I should find more program like this for kiddo. And I know that he loves being with his friends rather than being alone at home or playing by himself and entertaining his sisters. Sorry son for the huge age gap between you and your sisters. And thank you so much for understanding.

P/S: As expected, he followed what he learned for 3 days only. After that, all gone missing once he is glued to the TV, playing Lego and iPad.

Not The Good Weekend

It was terrible. Both of us had food poisoning. It must be the asparagus that we ate. It's home cooked by the way. The colour had turned to pale green, so I thought it was still OK to cook it. I guess not.

Image credit to
I felt uneasy after lunch. My stomach kind of bloated and Mr. Fruitheart felt groggy and bloated at the same time. The worse day was Sunday. We kept on going in and out the toilet for more than 10 times. Exhausting!

And it was so challenging when both of my girls were uncontrollable. They wanted their attention when their parents just want to lay down, rest and sleep.

Today it was a bit OK for me although my tummy still bloated. But Mr. Fruitheart still has to go in and out the toilet. My poor hubby. And the only food that we wish to eat now is the McD porridge.

P/S: I should do the clean up to my fridge.

Favourite Quote of The Week #23 - Rain

“Do not be angry with the rain; it simply does not know how to fall upwards.”  ~Vladimir Nabokov

The Little Two Year Old Girl

There are so many reasons to love and not-to-like the terrible twos. I have a daughter who just turned 2 years old last 2 weeks. And my adventure continue.

Now she loves to say "I don't want to be friends with you" other than saying "NO". But I'd love to hear the way she said it.. "Tak nak wawan abg Syahmie" "Tak nak wawan daddy". Those toddler slangs. Just yesterday she said she doesn't want to friend with me, and I replied back.. "Fine. Don't come to me if you want anything."

After 5 seconds, "Mama, what are you doing?" Heh.

Now she truly understands she has a baby sister. She has become the most protective big sister ever. She would cry and scream if a stranger, basically my relatives, wants to hold her baby sister. She would say "Give back Rania to mama!" and pull her legs from whoever holding her baby sister. Yesterday morning, Mr. Fruitheart playfully hit her baby sister's butt, she said "…

Family Vacation 2014 - Legoland Day 2

I know I should update more about the hotel, our room, the environment and everything but I am just too tired. I am positive everyone else who had visited Legoland would have updated their experience in either their blog.

It was raining in the evening after we take a short dip in the small swimming pool. Few visitors stranded at the main entrance waiting for the rain to stop.

We left our room at 10am and headed to Legoland Water Theme Park. There were no queue since it was only Thursday and crowd was not that many. I picked a spot under the tent near the food stall. There were blue cabana's and it costs RM300 for a full day rent, RM150 for half day rent. I would say that it was so DAMN expensive. RM150 for full day is still OK for me. It is not a surprised at all when a burger can costs you RM20.

We do not have our chance to eat in the Legoland Restaurant. RM100 for adult, RM50 for children.. for a family of 5 simply can cost you RM400 plus tax. There was no a la carte only buffet. M…