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Favourite Quote of The Week #9 2015 - Marriage

The first feeling you have when you see food? Happy! And starving.

8 Goals for This Week #9 2015 + Update on Last Week's Goal

Last week's goals was a success! Although.. I am struggling to start. Ahh.. it is always hard to start a new thing, a new routine.

We had an awesome family time together for 4 days. We had our usual walk in the park, spent an hour and half at the indoor playground and watched few movies. It has been a very productive and slow finishing long holiday for all of us.

I am a bit disappointed in myself.. OH and I know this will happen. I didn't get much on mothering and marriage but, I am trying again this week.

So here are this week's goals:

Hug my children anytime of the day.

Home management:
Clean the wardrobe and sliding door glass.

Go to bed at 9.30PM every night.
Take vitamins and energy drinks everyday.
Make up the day that I missed fasting on last year's Ramadhan.

Say I love you to husband anytime of the day. (I did only once last week and that my friend is NOT ENOUGH).
Lunch date with husband.


Reminder To The SAHM-To-Be

Hey that's me!

When I am no longer working, I should keep reminding myself again and again of the things below. I think I better put a sticky note on the bathroom mirror so I can look at it every single day when I brush my teeth. Teehee. It is because I am forgetful like that.
The perfect mom doesn't exist, but a great mom is. Do your best so your children will do their best instead of being a perfectionist. Don't stress your family out. Don't stress yourself. Balance between yourself, being a mother and a wife. Remember, your husband need you too! So does yourself.
P/S: I should be loving my new role - Home Director.

8 Goals for This Week #8 2015 - Starting Something New

I'm inspired and motivated by Crystal Paine of money saving mom 10-weekly-goals blog post on how she sets her goals on weekly basis. I know I needed a little help in setting my life goals too. Lucky I came across her blog the other day while I was bloghopping. It gives me idea to start. *wink*

I do have my working goals, and I realize hey, I need it too in my daily lives. Previously I don’t set any goals and just live life on a meandering, day-to-day basis. I should have done this like 10 years ago?? If I am being asked what I want to do in 5 years time, I would say.. I want to be a successful home director.

I'm putting my goals in four categories: Mothering, Home Management, Personal and Marriage.

As a start, here are my 8 goals for this week:

Hug my children before bedtime.
Remind my son to drink more water.

Home management:
Clean out the bar drawer.
Clean the kitchen window.
Figure out meal plan for week 8 and organize shopping list.

Go to bed at 9.30PM every night…

Favourite Poem of the Week #7 2015 - The Meaning

To love is to share life together
to build special plans just for two
to work side by side
and then smile with pride
as one by one, dreams all come true.

To love is to help and encourage
with smiles and sincere words of praise
to take time to share
to listen and care
in tender, affectionate ways.

To love is to have someone special
one who you can always depend
to be there through the years
sharing laughter and tears
as a partner, a lover, a friend.

To love is to make special memories
of moments you love to recall
of all the good things
that sharing life brings
love is the greatest of all.

I've learned the full meaning
of shari…

TAWC - Combination Meals for the Family

I was supposed to cook on Saturday, but we had a wedding to attend on that day. We spent the rest of the day at my MIL's house until dinner time. I know I will have a lot of house chores to be completed on Sunday. And I was right!

From 6.30am until 8.30PM. Phew!

I choose combination meals this time around to save time. But it still took me 3 hours. I cooked chicken tomyam with carrot, cauliflower and pistil corn - 3 packs; chicken in dark soy sauce with potato (ayam masak kicap) also 3 packs, fish ball and crab stick with broccoli and carrot - only 2 packs. And I have 4 packs of spicy dried anchovies which is Mr. Fruitheart's favourite. I also have 2 packs of mixed veggies - cauliflower, carrot and french beans. I also have 2 types of fish which I need to cook on the day to keep the freshness. It is enough to feed the family for 2 weeks. For lunch we had spicy shrimp and spicy mackerel. Mr. Fruitheart said I have mastered in cooking spicy anchovies and shrimp. It tastes better. He…