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Just The 4 Of Us

Tuesday 28th April 2015 - Day 3.

Another two days to work and we are going to have a long holiday. 1st May is Labor Day and 4th May is Wesak Day. We will be spending our holiday at my father's house doing nothing. Absolutely nothing. HAHA. I have no plans for now. Mr. Fruitheart will only be back on Saturday at noon.
Above picture was taken in front of McDonalds KLIA. The girl in dark pink shirt is my niece. She also wanted to come along sending her pak long (uncle). My baby girl has been asking where is her daddy every time she wakes up and before bedtime. Once in awhile during daytime, she would still ask. "Daddy work," she said. My children misses their daddy so much. Mommy misses daddy too.. Boo hoo hoo. Alhamdulillah, all of them are very well behave. Lucky my baby sister is here to stay with me while Mr. Fruitheart is away. It would be pretty chaotic if I were alone handling three tiny people. P/S: Counting days. Always.

8 Goals for This Week #18 2015 + Update on Last Week's Goals

We are entering our day two without Mr. Fruitheart. So far no one fell sick. Two mornings in a row both my girls asked where is their daddy. I explained and alhamdulillah, there are no crying and roll on the floor scene. HEHE. We had Facetime session last night, boy were they so excited seeing their daddy's face. Another five more days to go. Hang on there children, your daddy will be back soon.

I didn't get any day for fasting. So it is still five more days. Boo hoo hoo. It is less than two months until Ramadhan. Some people are already busy looking for raya attire. Maybe I will go clothes hunting end of May.

I only had one time doing nothing which is before bed. As I said, I am bad at doing nothing. I don't know where to start and where to end. HEHE.

So here are this week's goals:

Go to Toys r us as promised to my boy.
Buy new pair of shoe for baby girl.
Set appointment for my daughters monthly checkup.

Home management:
Wash and put clothes away eac…

10 Goals for This Week #17 2015 + Update on Last Week's Goals

I am one day behind my schedule to update my goal for this week. I have been ill since Sunday. I was OK and happy spending time with my children early morning until lunch time. I reached home, did few house chores and the next thing I know my body started aching so I took a nap.. then I got a fever. Seriously? Did I over did something? My stomach doesn't feel good too. I had a pretty bad cough and it hurts my tummy when I am coughing. I suspected that was the cause. I felt something grabbed my inside tummy every time I cough. I had to bend down to bear the pain. And the next day, I was on sick leave. Heh.

I finally finished reading 50 Shades of Grey. After two months. Yeah, it took that long. And I am planning to get myself a new book. After my paycheck of course. HEHE.

Not forgetting, Mr. Fruitheart will be away to Norway on Saturday for one week. It's LONG OK. Boo hoo hoo. As much as I don't want him to go, I have to get used to it. Later when he is a CEO of a company (Ins…

10 Goals for This Week #16 2015 + Update on Last Week's Goals

Oh Monday why do have to come so fast? You don't like yourself do you? HEHE. Yeah, this is what some of us like when entering new week. That Monday again. Do you know it is already 13th April? Yes, I know.

Last week has been good for me. I finally had my beauty sleep in the afternoon for 2 hours. BAHAHA. Plus it is raining outside, what a bliss. Yes, my girls slept too. Yesterday it was raining heavily until our bedroom flooded. The water came in through the window panel. Bad structure. We've complained, but all they did was touch up here and there. We got really frustrated every time this happened and have planning to sell the house. But where could we get a house that is RM500K at TTDI? *smirk*

I didn't get any day on fasting, it's the time of the month. So I still have 6 days to go. Boo hoo.

Oh I wanted to update on the WOU part. Mr. Fruitheart and I finally registered ourselves into studying again. So we are back as student on July, insyallah. I took English Studies a…

Off To Cambridge

My boy is like his mother, loves to learn English. He showed interest since last year, where he speaks English at home. Although his grammar and pronunciation is not correct, me and Mr. Fruitheart always encourage him by talking back and corrected him. 

Both of us has decided to send him to Cambridge English For Life, TTDI centre. Near to our house just 5 minutes driving. He was so excited and the person teaching him is Mr. Sean. A white guy.

Me: You die la, cannot speak Malay you know. Else, he won't understand.
Boy: And you have to frighten me huh mom?

So far no complaints or whining. Only that he wish he doesn't have to go to afternoon school so he can attend the Thursday class. No one is free to pick him up and send him to the centre on weekdays, that is why I chose weekend class. I hope enjoy his learning and make new friends. Like A LOT of friends. I just noticed he is a bit darker in this picture and so skinny too. Boo hoo. Your mother didn't feed you properly is it kiddo…

Favourite Quote of The Week #15 2015 - Working Mother

TAWC - Maybe I Need A Slow Cooker

I collected a lot of recipes, but I noticed I keep on having the same meals. I've been thinking, do I need a slow cooker? I told Mr. Fruitheart about it and we have not decide yet weather it is wort buying. He asked me what can I cook with the thing. I said, A LOT. HEHE. I can even bake cake with it.

This time around, I cooked paprik daging (3 packs), ayam masak merah (4 packs), chicken curry (2 packs) and mixed veggies (3 packs). I still have ikan kembung which I do not know when I will cook them. Maybe I'll have ikan kembung masak kicap in one of the days.
Above is the new recipe I managed to try out - Chicken Pizza Puff. Originally it is supposed to be pepperoni pizza puff but I do not have any pepperoni. And it doesn't look like the one I saw on the page. Only me and Mr. Fruitheart ate it. Looks like my children like to eat the one we bought from outside. Mommy's cooking doesn't taste good huh kids?

Top: Make a head chicken & scramble eggs wrap for breakfast. …

10 Goals for This Week #15 2015 + Update on Last Week's Goals

I think I just had Monday and it is already Monday again. Now, where are those people who promised me 'SNOOZEDAY'? You should invent it ASAP. *YAWN*

I went to bed very early last night at 8.30PM. I was too tired to even have dinner and woke up feeling hungry like I hadn't eaten for days. HAHA. Seriously Fara, you need to chill on the house chores and have MORE time on yourself. So what if the clothes are not folded and there were toys everywhere? Your MIL already seen the huge pile of 'clothes mountain' on your boy's bed anyway. Yeap, that is true. A week of clean wash clothes that need to be folded by midnight. Cinderellaaaaaaaaaa!

Finally, I tried two new recipes. Yay me! First is the breakfast delight and second one is the chicken pizza puff. It was supposed to be pepperoni pizza puff but since I don't have pepperoni, I changed it to chicken. So, the outcome doesn't look like the one I saw on the page. Boo hoo. Well, it's my first time and I'll…

Why We Do Not Have A Phone in Our House

My baby girl has a toy phone at home. Sadly, it is broken. Every baby that I know LOVES telephone. And this is what my baby girl did when she sees one. She happily chatting with someone whom I don't know and all I heard was, "EYYO", "BYE". The rest of the conversation doesn't exist in Google translate.

Me: Rania, did you do this?

Her reply?
P/S: How can I not scold her when she gave me that face?