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The Clingy Mom


2. (of a person) too emotionally dependent.
"at about 18 months my son became very clingy"

On clingy mode since Mr. Fruitheart left us last Sunday. It has been five days we are apart. Boo hoo hoo. Today, my brothers and sister decided to go out leaving me alone at home. Since I have to work, they took their nieces and nephew along. Yay! I have my alone time - read that as working and cleaning the house in between.

I was a bit reluctant to let my baby girl go. Afraid that they couldn't handle both. As usual, I am being the over-protective mother. I said to my youngest that she cannot go and have to stay at home with me. And she lay on the floor, protest.

So I told her dad and he said, she should be OK. As long as there is someone holding her. I remind them few times not to let her walk alone and always hold her. I feel like they're so grown up and can be independent without their mom and dad. Awww.. I can't be away from them for too long. And when they …

Favourite Quote of The Week #22 2015 - Husband

“The most important quality in the man you decide to marry should be the ability to make you laugh. Beauty fades, careers end, money comes and goes, religions change, children grow up and move away, spouses get sick, struggles happen, family members die, senility sets in when your older, but the ability to make you giggle every day is the most precious gift God can give you to get through all of it.”
Shannon L. Alder, 300 Questions LDS Couples Should Ask Before Marriage

Happy 11th Birthday Adzreza Syahmie

Dear Syahmie,
Happy Birthday to you my dear son.

You know you have more candles on your birthday cake this year. ELEVEN! You're growing up, and soon you will be a grown up man. Married and have kids. Yeah, yeah I get it, you have another 19 years to do all that. And no I am not ready to get a MIL or Grandma title.

You have been a good boy as always. Just that you need to control on the crying part OK son? You are a responsible young man, love your sisters and obedient most of the time. HEHE. Your daddy and I been there, we used to be kids too remember and we do go to school let me remind you that. *wink*

I am proud of you always. I never missed to pray for your success and happiness my son. Not just you but for all of us. I would like to take this opportunity, to say I am sorry if I ever scold you so bad that you feel like to run away from home. I slipped, my bad and I am truly sorry. As a mother, I am still learning how to deal with my own children. Parenting doesn't come in a bo…

Happy 3rd Birthday Nur Leia Arissa

Last Friday on 22nd May, it was my second daughter's birthday. She is three years old, another four years she will be in primary school. Gosh! They're growing up so fast.

One thing about my second daughter that I noticed now is her bashfulness. Since she was little, she has this one of kind morning attitude, the face and no smile. Unlike her baby sister who is always seem to be happy waking up in the morning. Yeah, each child is different and unique.

Dear Arissa,
Happy birthday to you my beautiful daughter.

You are a smart girl. You have the courage and high determination. You are not afraid to tell us what's on your mind.

"Daddy, please put away your phone. Teach me how to build this doll house."
"Everyone has a phone but I don't have one."
That's what you said when we were on the bed and busy playing with our smart phones. OK. We hear ya girl. HEHE. (Amek kau!)

You showed us your responsibility and loving care towards your baby sister. You protected h…

10 Goals for This Week #22 2015 + Update on Last Week's Goals

Monday 25th May 2015.. brand new day, brand new week.. and day one without Mr. Fruitheart. I had a very bad back ache since yesterday. How I wish someone would give me a back massage, now that would be nice. We went to the pasar malam to buy something to eat for dinner. My baby girl refused to walk on her own. That 10.5 KG baby! Just before we reached the house, my second daughter started crying because her big brother finished off her soy bean drink. She asked me to go back to the pasar malam and buy new one. She was screaming and crying (she has cough too) until she throw up at the parking lot. I kept repeating "Don't scream, don't yell." to myself. Breath in, breath out and don't loose your cool Fara.

And I had to carry her too, that 12KG girl. Chaos that happened for an hour. What's the worse can happen other than that? Got kicked by them on the back at 3am adding the pain.

This week my boy will be having his mid term exam. I hope he will do his best and an…

Yours Truly Birthday

Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to Fara.. happy birthday to me!

My birthday was on 20th May and I only have the chance to post about it today. It is also my second daughter Arissa's birthday. She is three years old. Now I feel old as my children's getting bigger. Gosh!

Here's the picture of yours truly on her birthday. Why black and white? So can't see those beautiful ageing (cough) wrinkles. She's never gonna admit she's getting older. Forever 25 at heart she said.

I took a day off on my special day like always. Who wanna work on their birthday anyway? HEHE. I sent my girls to the daycare and my boy to school. I had my breakfast with Mr. Fruitheart near the stall at KWSP Wangsamaju. I needed to submit my application. After sending him to work, I went to the post office to renew my driving license. I didn't know they have upgraded made it like the identification card. So convenient.

I thought of going home after that and plan to go to Ikea. However, Mr. Fr…

Favourite Quote of The Week #21 2015 - Good Deeds

"When someone helps the good deeds to be practiced, it is as if he performed those good deeds indeed," Prophet Muhammad (s) in Tirmizi, 14.

My Bulging Tummy

I looked at myself lately and I am not happy with my bulging tummy. There are few other parts, but let's focus on that first shall we? I not the type who wears tight shirt or dress, but I can still my tummy. I am not pregnant and not have gained weight, but of all my body parts that I wanted a little bigger is NOT my TUMMY!

I am not dreaming to have a six pack but after three kids, it would be lovely to have a flat tummy like 17 years ago. I don't go to the gym, not exercising, not running on tread mil, not doing anything. Yes, that is the problem. Not doing anything. I just sit there wishing the bulging tummy will go away just like that.. whoooshhhh! Off you go!

I used to do yoga on my own long time ago (3 years ago!). Last only for few weeks. Hangat-hangat tahu ayam! Today I searched for yoga centre in my area TTDI, found few centres and Prana Yoga catches my attention. I told Mr. Fruitheart I think of enrolling myself to yoga class, and he said go for it. I am planning to sta…

5 Goals for This Week #21 2015 + Update on Last Week's Goals

I am looking forward for this week. Ehem.. ehem.. yours truly will turn a year wiser on Wednesday 20th. Of course I took a day off. Originally my plan is to just lazying at home reading a book. So far I have two important things to do which is to renew my driving licence and go to EPF to submit my application. I hope I can settle both before lunch time. My second daughter also turning three this year. She's a big girl!

I guess I will be celebrating my day alone. So what you actually do on your birthday when you decide it will be just you yourself? A lot of things right. Sleep and more sleep? HAHA. C'mon Fara, you should be doing at least one productive activity. Well, my head says eating is one of it. No wonder I cant get rid of my bulging tummy.

And on this weekend, my other half will be away to India for three weeks. Bye honey, have fun, be good and don't forget us. Boo hoo hoo.

I successfully covered my fasting days that I missed. Wohoo! Friday was the last day, and now we…

Favourite Quote of The Week #20 2015 - Bully

“If bullies actually believe that somebody loves them and believes in them, they will love themselves, they will become better people, and many will even become saviors to the bullied.”
Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

TAWC: Simple Meals

It was a hassle when you don't have a ready to eat meal at home. I was supposed to cook for our two weeks meal on the first week of May, but too lazy to go into the kitchen. So we bought outside food instead. Plus, Mr. Fruitheart just came back from Norway and we have a lot of catching up to do.

Last Sunday, I spent three hours in the kitchen. Total of six different meals for two weeks, BRAVO FARA!

3 packs of veggies, 3 packs of chicken tomyam, 2 packs of chicken kurma, 2 packs of spicy beef, 2 packs of black pepper beef and 2 packs of masak lemak udang sama kacang buncis.I made make ahead breakfast for Mr. Fruitheart too - chicken and scramble eggs wrap. Since I will be fasting this week, so nine wraps can cover four days of breakfast.

As for my boy, I made him mini pizza using English muffin and pepperoni. He loves it. Even his friends want some of those. My boy told me maybe I can sell them to his friends. A good idea, but I will think of it I said to him.

Girls? They eat what thei…

10 Goals for This Week #20 2015 + Update on Last 2 Week's Goals

My days were full of activities for the past weeks. Work has not been that kind too, oh well what else is new. Work will not be less in the upcoming days. Go to work, complete task and go back home. Repeat the same until pay day and spent the money earned wisely. HEHE.

It is still not too late to wish "Happy Mother's Day" to myself and to all mothers out there. This is the first year, I didn't have the chance to say happy mother's day to my beloved mother. It has been 6 months after you left us Mom. I missed you.

Yesterday was a very productive day for me. Cooked for our two weeks meals and cleaned the house. I set my alarm at 6AM, but only started my task at 8AM. It's Sunday, why should you wake up early right?

In the evening, took my children to the park after a month of not stepping their foot there. Unfortunately, the playground is under construction again. It looks like they're building a small hut. My second daughter was frustrated, and lucky there are…

Favourite Quote of The Week #19 2015 - Happy Birthday Mom

On this day dear mother, you should be 56.

It will be the first year..
We will not be celebrating your birthday,
We will not be celebrating fasting month together,
We will not be celebrating Syawal together,
I will not be able to wish you "Happy Mother's Day",
I will not be able to wish you "Happy Birthday Mama".

You will not be there mother.
I missed you.

“Death leaves a heartache no one can heal, love leaves a memory no one can steal.
From an Irish headstone”

Richard Puz, The Carolinian